Would Installing A Fire In Your Home Make You Happier?

According to a survey the vast majority of homeowners say they are happy in their current property but do intend some home improvements.

Although the vast majority of homeowners say they are happy in their current property, according to a survey by online estate agent Tepilo, there are some things that could make them very happy in their homes.

The Express highlighted the research, which found that 88 per cent of homeowners said they were happy in their current abode. However, on average people believe they’d need to spend £21,376 to feel completely content in their home.

They cited a range of home improvement projects, ranging from large to small. Buying a new sofa and putting up more framed pictures of friends and family were both on the list. So too was installing a fireplace.

Among the larger projects were fitting a new kitchen, replacing the bathroom and creating more storage space, the newspaper revealed.

Tepilo founder Sarah Beeny commented: “It’s great to see that most people feel happiness can be upped with a big comfy sofa, a fire and pictures of family and friends, all things that are easily achievable, even on a budget.”

Given the cold winter we’ve had this year - and especially the snow that many parts of the UK experienced earlier in March - it’s understandable why you’d be looking at wood burners in Staffordshire.

In fact, Estate Agent News recently shared research from Logs Direct, which found that 79 per cent of people believe there’s nothing quite like coming home to a real log fire. The publication noted that these features have a romance to them, while they’re also seen as an affordable way to heat part of a home.


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