Wood & Coal Burning To Come Under Scrutiny

The burning of wood & coal in homes across the UK will come under scrutiny as the government plans to improve pollution. 

As part of the government’s plans to improve air pollution in the UK, the burning of wood and coal in homes around the country is going to come under serious scrutiny.

According to the BBC, the European Commission has been given a final warning for breaching laws relating to NOx emissions. The country will face court action unless the Clean Air Strategy has the desired effect.

A spokesman confirmed that the government is thinking about a number of different options to help tackle particle emissions, including encouraging the switch from house coal by only permitting the sale of low sulphur smokeless alternatives.

It’s also possible that sulphur limits be brought in for smokeless solid fuels, and new powers for councils could be introduced so  action can be taken for smoke offences where the local air quality is affected. 

Therese Coffey, environment minister, was quoted by the news source as saying: “We all have a role to play in improving the air we breathe. Many of us enjoy a cosy fire, but burning dirtier fuel has a real impact on the
quality of air for our family and friends.

“Pollution is about more than just transport. If we make the switch to burning cleaner domestic fuel, we can continue to enjoy burning wood and smokeless coal in stoves and fires in our homes.”

The government is now seeking evidence on the use of solid fuels for domestic heating so it can help people make cleaner choices for heating properties efficiently while also reducing air pollution. The consultation will close on February 27th.

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