Top Suggestions For Decorating Your Fireplace

Even if you don’t need the fire going, there are still plenty of ways to make the most of your fireplace as a design feature. 

In the winter, it’s easy to see how your fireplaces in Cannock can be the centre of a room and draw attention. With a roaring fire, whether real, gas or electric, you have a definitive focal point, not to mention introducing a whole new level of cosiness to a room on a cold winter’s night.

But what about the rest of the year? Even if you don’t need the fire going, there are still plenty of ways to make the most of your fireplace as a design feature.

House Beautiful recently offered some top suggestions for decorating your fireplace to make sure that it looks great all year round and remains a focal point within your room.

If you have an ornate fireplace and mantelpiece, you may want to lighten the mood rather than going down a traditional route with your decor. The best way to do this is to introduce
colour to your space, the news provider notes.

A pale shade of blue on the walls around the fireplace, accented by a rug in darker blue in front of the hearth, is one of the examples shared. The fireplace itself is still a central feature without overpowering the rest of the decor though.

Another top tip if you have a very traditional-looking fireplace but want to take your interior decor in a more contemporary direction is to introduce modern art to the space. Hang a
contemporary piece of art on the chimney breast and continue this theme with geometric-shaped vases on the mantelpiece, for instance.

You can also use a mixture of traditional and contemporary furniture throughout the room to continue the theme and help it all blend together.

One thing you may be grappling with is how to bring your brick fireplace up to date. Depending on your space and the rest of the decor in your home, painting the brickwork could be a good option. The news provider recommends opting for a dark colour, which can be “moody and unexpected”.

In the warmer months when your fireplace isn’t in use, it might not look its best if it’s just left open to the room. Choose a stylish screen to hide the empty grate and you can bring a new dimension to your living room really easily.

If you don’t use your fireplace at all, consider how you can use it without removing it. One suggestion is to use the space as a planter, which can look particularly effective if you decorate elsewhere with green accents.

Plants and other floral arrangements can also be used to accent the fireplace without hiding it. Introducing a large plant or vase holding an arrangement of dried grasses and flowers to one side of the fireplace can help frame it and allow you to bring a different kind of vibe to your living space.

It seems that more and more of us are looking for ways to get creative with our fireplaces. Searches for contemporary fireplaces on Pinterest were up by 763 per cent last year,
the website’s most recent trends report revealed.


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