Tips For Styling Your Mantel

Once you’ve picked out your fireplace & have it in situ, the next step is to add your own personal sense of style. Here are some top tips to get you started.

Choosing between a big range of styles of fireplaces is the key having a beautiful centrepiece in your Cannock home, but once you’ve got your fireplace in situ, the next job is to make it look its best. You might not have thought about it beforehand, but the way you style your fireplace can make all the difference - use these tips as an idea to get started. 

First up, take measurements of your mantel space - this will help you when you’re shopping for home decor. That way you’ll know you’re buying something which will fit, saving you having to return it. 

What you choose to put above the mantel will be a real focal point, so make sure you pick something you love. A mirror, clock of piece of wall art are the most common objects you’ll find there, but it could be anything.

When it comes to styling up your side, consider the rule of three. Things often look best in odd numbers, helping the eye to move around, so when you’re creating your mantelpiece vignette create mini collections of at least three objects together.

Decide whether you want a symmetrical or an asymmetrical look. If symmetrical, get matching objects and build from the centre out, but if you choose asymmetrical, you can get more creative with our display. 

When building up your mantelpiece, make sure variation is at its core. Think about height, texture, shape and size in your choices to keep the look across the mantel varied and interesting. 


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