The Best 30s Fireplace Styles

If you have been looking for a 1930's style fireplace then here on our blog are some great designs that should fit perfectly with what you are looking for!

If you want the best fireplaces Cannock has for your 1930s househouse, then check out these designs to decide which is best for you. 

There are some fantastic 30s tiled fireplaces out there you can use for inspiration for the fireplace in your new home. 

Compared to Victorian tiled fireplaces these tiles are much less ornate, and may even be single blocks of colour. They will fill in an area between the actual fireplace and the surround simply, and strikingly.
Often natural colours were used with muted browns, blues and green proving very popular.


Wooden fireplaces from the 1930s will often prove to be your typical art-deco style, with fan shaped carvings proving the main feature. Again, clean lines will differentiate these from fussier Victorian styles, and you may see different types of wood. Mahogany will be less popular but you may find beech and oak provide a good look that goes with many other designs.

Similar to wooden fireplaces you will get strong clean lines in stone fireplaces, often featuring cubist shapes and motifs. 

While ornate and patterned marbles and granites were popular in the Victoria era, cleaner coloured stones including limestone and other pale plain colours were often chosen for these pieces, as they made the cubist designs stand out more prominently. 

Choosing the correct fireplace for your 1930s home can be quite tough, so get in touch with us to find out how we can help you get the most out of this decision.
We can guide you through the different options that you can make and discuss the limitations and features of your home, and also your lifestyle, to ensure you have the best possible fireplace for your family’s needs.


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