Renters Love Log Burners In Properties

A study has found that wood burners are one feature that many renters would love to have in their home.

With more and more people in the UK renting rather than buying their own homes, it makes sense for landlords to install features in their properties that make them desirable to people who are looking for homes to let.

Estate Agent News recently highlighted wood burners as one feature that many renters would love to have in their home.

It cited details from a survey conducted by Logs Direct, where 79 per cent of people surveyed said that there’s nothing quite like coming home to a proper wood burning fire. However, the news provider noted that, as a landlord, there are a few things you need to think about before installing wood burners in Stafford.

First up is complying with regulations, which include having any wood burner or open fire regularly serviced and checked. You also need to have an installation certificate for any wood burner you install, and need to fit a carbon monoxide alarm in the property.

You need smoke detectors on every floor of your property as well, and, of course, you need to provide your tenants with instructions on how to use it correctly to reduce the risk of accidents and ensure they comply with the increasingly strict smoke legislation that’s being introduced to control emissions.

That means ensuring your tenants know what sort of wood they’re allowed to use. One top piece of advice is to tell them to only use logs with the Woodsure mark. This means it’s been tested and is ready to burn.

Earlier this year the East Anglian Daily Times revealed that one of the reasons why wood burners are so popular is that they give out five times as much heat as a traditional fireplace and are therefore able to heat a larger area of a home.


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