Red Snow Warning Issued For Central Scotland

the Met Office have red warnings for some parts of the country - the highest level that can be issued for weather conditions.

Now’s the time to get those home fires burning, since the Met Office has just issued a red weather warning for snow across parts of central Scotland – and you can bet that the rest of the UK will be feeling excessively chilly as well!

Red warnings are the highest level that can be issued and the Met Office only does so when it’s considered highly likely that weather conditions will have a big impact. Since 2011, this is only the second red warning for snow
that the organisation has felt compelled to issue.

With all the heavy snow that’s been forecast, making sure your home is nice and snug is an absolute must… even if we are technically now in spring! If you have wood burners in Stafford, make sure you keep them in good working order so you don’t find yourself caught short without lots of lovely heat at home.

Commenting on the weather, Dr Thomas Waite from Public Health England’s Extreme Events team said: “When the wind drives temperatures even lower, the risks to health can increase as even people not normally at risk from cold related illness can feel the effects more. This is why it’s so critical to keep warm; a good way is to keep homes heated to at least 18 degrees C.”

Keep your bedroom to 18 degrees C all night if possible and don’t open the bedroom window. Babies should sleep in rooms between 16 and 20 degrees C during cold weather, according to the NHS.


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