Painting a Room Dark Colours

A growing trend for decorating many period properties is with bold, dark colours that are reminiscent of the times. 

Getting a wood burner into your Stafford home is a great way to ensure you have recreated some of the Victorian elegance that persuaded you to buy it in the first place. 

One of the growing trends for decorating Victoria, Georgian and other period properties is with bold, dark colours that are reminiscent of the period. 

While these can look very striking, follow these tips to ensure that you get the most out of painting your home dark colours, as they can be tricky to get right.

1. Match with the right white
Brilliant white looks great alongside most colours, and may well be the best colour for your particular tone, but be aware there are other ones out there. A greyish off white can work well with a lot of strong colours whether you are painting the room dark blue, green or red.

2. Use a tinted primer
Chances are your walls aren’t the best if you are living in a period property and you may well need lining paper and primer. If you are going to use primer make sure you use a primer that has been tinted with a tone similar to the one you are going to use, as this means coverage will be much better.

3. Use a better paint
Some paints are better than others for pigments If you want your colour to be as strong as possible go for a paint that advertises how much more pigment it has than standard paints such as Little Greene or Farrow and Ball.


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