Inspiration To Take Your Garden Into Autumn

Now is the ideal time of year to get your patio or decking ready for the winter months by investing in things that will allow you to use them for longer

There’s a cold nip in the air, signalling that autumn is on the way in the UK. That means you might be thinking about how you can get cosy and snuggle up as the winter moves in. But if you’re not ready to abandon your outdoor space just yet, take a look at some advice on how you can continue to use it into the autumn and maybe even winter.

Yahoo! News pointed out that now is the ideal time of year to get your patio or decking ready for the winter months by investing in things that will allow you to use them for longer.

One option is to install a firepit, for example, or, if you have the space, you could explore installing fireplaces in Staffordshire to give your garden a stunning focal point all year round as well as somewhere that you can warm up in the winter months.

As well as warmth, lighting is crucial. Pick out some garden lights that will turn your outdoor space into a magical space once the sun starts to go down.

Don’t forget about garden furniture either, as you won’t want to sit on the ground. See if you can find any suitable garden chairs in the end of summer sales to help you get your garden ready for autumn without breaking the bank.

To make your garden continue to hold its appeal into the winter, you could plant some of the winter flowering plants suggested by Country Living recently. The publication noted that the likes of helleborus, winter jasmine, flowering heather and snow drops can bring some much-needed bursts of colour to your garden in the colder months of the year.


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