How To Save Energy During A Cold Snap

The UK was hit by snow storms last week, meaning our energy bills were sent rocketing. Here are some top tips to help you to save money during a cold snap!

If there’s any time you might have been glad to have bought one of the best wood burners Staffordshire has to offer, it’s undoubtedly been in the last few weeks as the UK has been ravaged by snow storms. 

During severe cold snaps, boilers being pushed into overdrive can often run into problems, but there are ways to help preserve the health of your heating, as well as save energy when the temperature does plunge. These tips from the Chronicle should serve you well if the snow returns!

Did you know 20 per cent of your home’s heat can escape through cracks? Make sure you use draught excluders, lined curtains and ensure all your seals are in good condition - replace them if not.

Doing a snowdrift is the worst time your boiler could go down, as an engineer is likely to have a lot of work on and may struggle to get to you. Check that the pressure is okay and top up if necessary to void any problems.

If you’re having to push the heating hard to keep a room warm, considering lighting a fire in your wood burner. This will save on the energy bills, which are sure to be high anyway during a time when it’s very cold out.

Some boilers also break in cold weather as the condensate pipe has frozen -usually with boilers located in places vulnerable to cold, such as lofts or next to outside walls. This may be something you can fix yourself by pouring warm water on the frozen pipe in question.


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