How To Heat your Home And Reduce Your Bills

Off the back of a cold winter we though we'd share these tips for you to keep to hand for helping to heat your home without the worry of sky high bills

Summer is the perfect time to install a wood burners in your Staffordshire home to get it ready to battle another winter of cold weather. A wood burner can be a real game changer when it comes to creating a cosy space, and can help to keep your heating bills down too. If this is a big concern for you in the winter months, then keep these tips to hand from the Daily Mail for helping to heat your home without the sky high bills.

DIY expert Robert Palmer says that his first tip would be to always make sure you close windows and draw the curtains at least one hour before it gets dark. This will limit the effect on your house when the temperature really drops, preventing your house from really have to fight freezing temperatures.

He also suggests that you should close doors to any rooms you're not heating, keeping the heat you are pumping into your home trapped in the rooms you want it to. It's also important to block up any drafts coming in through windows and doors. You can make draught excluders, and also find insulation for windows at your local DIY store.

When it comes to your heating, you may think it's used most effectively to crank it up and heat the house in one swoop, but according to Rob, the most efficient way to heat your home is to keep it at 20 degrees celsius. Every degree above 20 uses 10 per cent more energy, making it a big drain on your wallet when it comes to your heating bills.


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