How To Add Character To A New Build

In many ways new build houses have an unjustly bad reputation when it comes to their design, here's how to add a little extra character to your home...

Many people look for character in a property, meaning they’re looking for original features like floorboards and traditional fireplaces in their hunt for a Cannock home, however, in many ways new build houses have an unjustly

bad reputation when it comes to their design. With a new build, you have far less to worry about in terms of hidden money-pits, so let’s look at how you can use that money to add a bit of something special to your new build.

Create your own features

If your space feels a little plain and unexciting, time to add in some dramatic focal points. Th go-to for any living space at the moment is a wood burning stove - so be sure to visit us and have a look at some of the best we have to offer. This will not only look great, but is sure to raise the value of your home.

Go maximalist

New builds may feel like white boxes if under-furnished, but you can go above and beyond to add character. Paint walls in a dramatic colour or add DIY designs with paints or wallpaper. Choose bold pops of colour and accessorise to the hilt with lamps, pictures and more. Your white box is just a blank canvas for you to get busy with.

Embrace what you have

Is there something special which sets your home apart? Whether it’s a room size, your garden, your windows or whatever, play to your strengths and focus your room and home around what you love most about it. This might even mean re-arranging some spaces, but it’ll be worth it to draw attention to the character your home innately has.


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