How Does Your Star Sign Affect Your Interior Choices?

You may not believe in astronomy, but one newspaper has recently revealed that our star signs could have an influence on our interior design choices.

You might not be one for checking your star signs regularly, or you may not even believe in astronomy, but one newspaper has recently revealed that our star signs could have an influence on our interior design choices.

The Sun shared some broad tastes that each star sign is likely to embrace, courtesy of The French Bedroom Company.

Aries, for example, are likely to want a minimalist look in their homes, but they’re also drawn towards bold colours. Inspirational quotes also appeal to those born under this star sign. Virgos are also minimalist in their tastes, but they tend to prefer more muted colour palettes and can’t stand clutter or mess.

A Taurian, meanwhile, has an eye for luxury. They often go for high-end furniture, as well as sumptuous fabrics like velvet and silk. Librans also like a touch of luxury and will do their best to avoid anything too tacky.

Geminis are likely to have bright colours in their homes and aren’t afraid of bold shades. Leos tend to go for what are described as deep colours, while those born under Sagittarius like their living space to have a bohemian feel and embrace exotic patterns.

Aquarians also love patterns and are particularly drawn to blue and green tones, the newspaper noted. Pisceans typically look for tranquility in their decor, with muted and earthy hues likely to be among their favourites.

Capricorn and Scorpio both prefer timeless interior features and furniture to trends that are likely to change in an instant. For Scorpios, dark colours like emerald green and deep purple are the order of the day.

Cancers, finally, often create mis-matched interiors with quirky finds from charity shops. They create a cosy vibe in their property.

These are sweeping generalisations and there are bound to be people in every star sign who break the mould. If, like a Cancerian, you want to create a cosy space in your home, then focusing on your fireplace is a good way to go.

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