Fireplaces ‘Make Properties Feel More Homely’

A recent survey found a number of things that can make a property feel like a home, and a fireplace was one of the favourites.

There are a vast number of things that can make a property feel like a home rather than just bricks and mortar, ranging from the memories you create there to physical attributes in the decor of the space.

Anglian Home Improvement recently carried out a survey to find out exactly what people think a property needs to become a home - with House Beautiful reporting on the findings.

Of those surveyed, 57 per cent said that happiness is the most important element in terms of making a house feel like a home, followed closely by love with 51 per cent, and safety and security, which was cited by 50 per cent of respondents.

However, there are a number of physical attributes that all contribute to creating that homely atmosphere. These include having a bath and a shower, having a comfy sofa, and having your own collections of things like books, DVDs and paintings around the house.

In at number 22, however, was an open fireplace in the winter. It’s clear to see why - an open fire does far more than provide additional warmth, it acts as a central point in your living room and tends to draw everyone in together.

Comfort is a theme that runs throughout the top 30 actually, with comfy corners, good cushions, a comfy sofa and candles all cited as other things that can make a property feel more homely. When you combine those with a roaring open fire in the depths of winter you’ll have a snug and friendly place to spend time with friends and family.

Although adding a fireplace to your home may not be at the top of your list in the middle of summer, now is actually a great time to undertake this kind of renovation project. You can find the perfect fireplaces in Cannock and have them installed ready for when the weather cools down.  

Ideal Home recently highlighted the most popular home improvement projects in the UK, as well as revealing that 63 per cent of homeowners have been putting them off due to a
lack of funds.  

Meanwhile, 17 per cent claimed that the reason they haven’t progressed their plans is because of a lack of time.

Top of the list of home improvement plans was fitting a new kitchen, with a garden makeover in at number two and a new bathroom rounding out the top three, the research from John Lewis Finance found.

Given that some of the other things named as making a house feel like a home included having meals with family and friends, and the smell of good home cooking, it makes sense that the kitchen is the focus of our early DIY efforts in a new property. 

Along the same lines, a well-stocked fridge and Sunday roasts also made it into the list, as did summer BBQs in the garden. 

Whatever home improvement project you decide to undertake next, you need to make sure you budget properly for it and that you’re realistic about how long it will take to complete - especially if you’re making modifications like installing a new fireplace.


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