Fire Safety Advice Issued To Homeowners

Advice has been offered to homeowners who have a wood burner or an open fire to ensure their home remains safe. 

Homeowners with an open fire or wood burner have been offered some advice to ensure their home stays safe when they’re using their fireplace, after research showed that fire is one of the main reasons for insurance claims on buildings policies.

The Yorkshire Post noted that there has been a rise in the number of chimney fires of late, which could be due to the rising popularity of wood burners and fireplaces.

Making sure that your chimney is regularly cleaned is a must if you’re going to be using your fireplace as it’s intended. If you’re installing wood burners in Cannock, make a note of when you have your chimney swept on your calendar each year so that you don’t forget this very important task.

Other advice from insurers is to make sure that you only use hard woods that have been seasoned for two years in your log burner or fireplace, and to put up bird guards to prevent birds from nesting in your chimney.  

The newspaper also notes that, in general, homeowners need to ensure they aren’t under insuring their property by failing to accurately calculate the cost of potential repairs. You need to account for things like the provision of alternative accommodation, as well as whether you’d need to hire specialist contractors to carry out work on your property.

This could be the case if you live in a listed building, or if your home is an eco-house that utilises modern and specialist technology.

Earlier this month, Pirate FM reported on advice issued by Wadebridge Community Fire Station in Cornwall about the importance of regularly having your chimney swept, after attending 571 chimney fires in three years,
the majority of which were preventable.

They also pointed out that different kinds of fire need their chimneys swept with different frequencies. For instance, the chimney of a wood burning fire should be cleaned four times a year when it’s in  use, while any fire with a smokeless fuel needs to be cleaned once a year. 


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