Fancy An Outdoor Fireplace?

If you’ve got a garden, you might feel as though you’ll need to abandon your outside space until the spring, but not necessarily..

There’s no denying that the summer has gone and we’re now well into autumn. But we can still have some glorious weather at this time of the year, even though it’s a bit cooler outside. If you’ve got a garden, you might feel as though you’ll need to abandon your outside space until the spring, but not necessarily.

You could invest in an outdoor fireplace to create the perfect cosy spot where you can snuggle up with friends and family as the nights draw in.

This could provide a particularly great focal point if you’re hosting any parties or events around Halloween or Bonfire Night too.

Ideal Home recently explored the different options for an outdoor fireplace, as well as offering some advice on how you can introduce one to your garden.

If you’re a little short on space in your garden, a fire basket could be ideal. These are easy to set up and the fire burns well because the air circulates easily through the open basket design. These also tend to be the most affordable option, so could be a good starting point if you’re not sure how much you’ll use an outdoor fireplace.

Firepits and freestanding wood burners are among the other options, and with so many different designs of each on offer, you’re sure to find one that fits in with your garden design.

If you have the space, however, a built-in fireplace wall really does create the wow factor and makes it feel as though you’ve got a real living space in your garden. Go shopping for fireplaces in Cannock to see if there are any designs that particularly standout.

When it comes to the material your fire pit, basket or fireplace is made from, there are a number of options. Steel is one of the most common, with the publication noting that those made from stainless steel tend to be the most expensive because they’re so weatherproof.

Stone is another popular choice, but is best if you’re planning to set it up and not move it anywhere, as the weight of it can make it hard to move around.

It’s also worth being aware that the vast majority of outdoor fireplaces will only burn solid fuel, usually wood, although you can also use charcoal. There’s a growing number of firepits that can burn bio-ethanol or gel too.

Wherever you have a fireplace, inside or outside your home, you need to make sure you think about fire safety and keep your fireplace in good condition to prevent any incidents.

Yorkshire Coast Radio recently shared advice from the Yorkshire Fire Service relating to chimney fire safety. The organisation is keen for homeowners to be proactive and make sure their chimneys are in good condition before they start lighting fires this winter.

Having your chimney swept each year is essential to remove any soot or creosote that’s built up inside the chimney. Burning inappropriate fuel and having the incorrect size of appliance installed are among the most common causes of chimney fires in the UK.


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