Domestic Wood Burners Targeted

New environment secretary Michael Gove has decided to restrict the use of wood burning stoves in a bid to target air pollution.

Wood burners in Staffordshire could become a thing of the past as new environment secretary Michael Gove has decided to restrict the use of them in a bid to target air pollution. 

Air pollution levels are a cause for concern across Europe, with the levels of particulates soaring all the time. The EU has seen fit to impose fines on areas that exceed the safe air
limit for various pollutants, meaning Governments are scrambling to clean up their acts.

While urban areas are often the most affected, rural areas are also suffering with areas near main roads often exceeding safe levels of various pollutants.

These pollutants can be released by burning fuels in normal domestic burners, and the Government is now looking at banning the sale of coal for domestic use, as well as wet wood to homes that have wood burners.

This is as wet wood is much more polluting when it is being burned than normal dried wood, and people burning it for domestic uses are much more likely to use it wet.

While Gove is looking at a national ban, people in London may be facing a ban even sooner with Sadiq Khan looking to ban wood burning stoves all together in London due to the excessive levels of air pollution. The plans are being backed by various environmental groups, including Greenpeace.

Gove has insisted that despite the UK planning on leaving the European Union next year environmental standards will not fall.

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