DIY Fireplace Makeovers To Try

If you are looking for a little project for yourself, then take a look at some of these DIY projects for adding your own touch to an original fireplace.

If you’ve just bought a new house with original fireplaces in need of a little TLC, heading out to an electric fires shop in Staffordshire is only the first step in bringing them back to life. There may be elements you love about the original look, and elements you’re not so keen on, but with a little elbow grease, restoring it will be a cinch. Take a look at some of these DIY projects for adding your own personal touch to an original fireplace. 

Brick fireplace surrounds are a lovely feature, but in a neutral scheme, the traditional red brick can be a bit dominating. If you want to push it into the background a little, then why not try painting it?

This guide from Better Homes and Gardens is easy to follow, just remember the three key steps. First, you really need to clean up the brick to ensure that the paint sticks, use a product along with a wire brush. Then, ensure you use a primer to help your actual paint choice to stick to the brick. Then time to paint, pick a roller for textured surfaces and a heat-proof paint, so that it doesn’t react badly when your electric fire is on.

While you may love the quirkiness of original features, sometimes enough is enough. Take blogger Olivia Silk’s period fireplace - while she loved the shape of it, she hated the tile surrounds. Not to her taste at all, she took to trying to transform them on a budget. Using a marble contact paper, she covered the tiles for a sleek new look. Super easy and cheap to achieve, and it looks like she couldn’t be happier with the result.

Of course, you can also re-tile your fireplace with relative ease - it’s not as hard as re-tiling a floor or entire wall! Ensure you have the right tool to hand to cut the tiles, and consider the scale of your tile and the effect it will have on your surround and hearth.

If you love the country cottage trend, you’ll have your heart set on a wood burner and a nice open brick fireplace. However, if your space doesn’t have this already, trying to expose brickwork behind plaster might leave you in for a nasty surprise. You don’t know what state the brick in may be under there, leaving you with a DiY disaster and an eye sore.
Instead, why not consider using brick slips to create the look. Like tiles, made form brick material, these can be tiled onto a fireplace to give the effect of exposed brick and come in all kinds of colours and finishes.

Want to go completely left field with your fireplace? There’s lots of inspiration online for painting it to make a real feature. We do, actually love, how this blogger made a real impact with her bright yellow makeover. Sure it’s for her children’s room, but by taking the paint all the way to the ceiling and contrasting against a sleek, black electric fire, we think it looks quite design forward.


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