Could An Outdoor Fireplace Be What Your Garden Needs?

Fireplaces were one of the most popular additions to outdoor spaces in the US in 2016 but will they catch on in the UK too? 

As soon as we have the first taste of summer in the UK, many of us are shedding our layers and clamouring to spend time outdoors, only to realise that often it’s not as warm as we’d hoped and that we’ve been a little optimistic.

However, with the evenings getting longer and the warmer weather coming, now is the perfect time to look at your garden and see if there are any changes you can make to enable you to use it for longer and more frequently.

We can’t escape the fact that warm weather isn’t guaranteed in the UK, but you can embrace this by adding features like an outdoor fireplace to your space.

Herald Homes recently revealed that fireplaces and firepits were the most popular addition to outdoor spaces in the US in 2016, according to a survey by the American Society of Landscape Architects. There’s no reason why we can’t incorporate this trend into our gardens in the UK too.

There’s no denying that a well designed fireplace or firepit will add to the aesthetic of your garden, as well as provide some much needed warmth on cooler days or evenings. But this kind of feature can also act as a focal point.

In a garden, this can be important and could mean you use this part of your home more, especially if you focus on introducing comfy seating around the fireplace. 

Earlier this month, the Guardian shared details of interior designer Abigail Ahern’s garden, showcasing her approach to garden design and particularly how she’s made the garden into a space that can be used year-round.

Ms Ahern’s home in London now has a lush garden, with one of the main features a brick fireplace that’s been designed to mirror its counterpart in the house, the newspaper revealed.

There is also an outdoor kitchen, as well as a number of fire bowls, which is frequently used to whip up tasty meals. “Apart from the delicious flavours of cooking over a fire, cooking outside feels exciting. As soon as there’s a glimmer of warmth we eat every meal here too,” she revealed.

Before you rush out to buy fireplaces in Staffordshire though take some time to think about how this kind of feature will fit into your garden and how you’d like to use it.

If the primary aim is for warmth, work out how you’ll design the space around the fireplace. What furniture and seating will you have? Do you want to add other furniture like tables? And what will you plant around it?

A blog for Zing! recently pointed out that there’s a growing trend for plush, upholstered outdoor furniture, which is just as comfy as the type of seating you’d have indoors. One of the top tips is to store cushions indoors somewhere dry when it’s not in use to extend their life, even if they’re made from weather-resistant materials.

You should also avoid buying plastic furniture and instead opt for materials like wood, wicker or metal, which tend to look nicer and fit in better with the aesthetic of an outdoor living space.


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