Could A New Fireplace Help Sell Your Home?

Experts believe a fireplace In your lounge area is such a prominent feature of your most important space that it could sell a family on your property.

When selling your home, ensuring you get the right price is important, and even renovations that cost a little money, such as getting in a gas fires installer in Staffordshire, might prove a worthwhile investment when you do get your home valued.

According to Landlord News, the fireplace In your lounge area is definitely a key point to consider – if it isn't working or doesn't look great, then get it updated. It's such a prominent feature of your most important space that it could sell a family on your property. However, there are other steps you can also take to ensure your home gets it best price when selling.

Keep all décor neutral and try to avoid it being too personal to you. By keeping it neutral a buyer will be easily able to imagine their own style in the room. If you have scuffed or chipped paintwork, then touch this up with fresh paint. Consider re-plastering any Artex ceilings also.

An instant put-off for someone viewing your home is an outdated bathroom suite. A plain bathroom suite is the most sought after, helping a space look modern and bright. Adding mirrors and painting walls light shades can also create the illusion of a bigger space, bouncing light around the room.

The exterior of your home is what potential buyers will see first and you want them to be impressed. Make sure all garden spaces look well keep and tidy and if you have bins move these to a hidden place.

Depending on the layout of your home - whether that’s an open plan living/dining area or kitchen/dining space - pay close attention to the layout of the furniture you have. Is it best placed in the room to show off space available? If it’s too crowded then put some furniture into temporary storage.


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