Could A Fireplace Be The Character Feature That Sells Your Home?

When you're preparing to sell your property a good way of enhancing your chances is to invest in an eye catching character feature. Here's how to do it...

Part of preparing a house to sell (hopefully) to the highest bidder is enhancing or even investing in features that will add value and attract buyer interest.

The Home Style Mag has lots of tips for householders looking to make their way up the property ladder but reminds homeowners that there is no magic formula for adding value of a property - which is why it is important to consider the character of the property before making changes.

A feature that adds character such as a beautiful fireplace in your Staffordshire property could be the thing that makes your home memorable, and Hoppler suggests making the most of an authentic-looking fireplace that is true to the architecture of the property.

Of course, an authentic-looking fireplace needn’t be an original feature of the home, as there are many styles to choose from for a range of fuels including wood, gas and electric.

As well as your fireplace, it is good advice to create space in your home if you are looking to sell it.

If you have added a conservatory to your property then you are already on your way, as Home Style Mag referenced an HSBC study which revealed an orangery or similarly glazed extension could add thousands to the asking
price of your property. 

Additional square footage is important in this day and age, when developments are short on space and families are looking to grow into their homes, as opposed to growing out of them and moving on. 

Kerb appeal is real and the magazine revealed that Brits will pay up to 25 per cent more for a house that looks attractive on the outside. Therefore, the front door and its surrounds should not be an afterthought, rather an integral part of the property’s impression and character.

One way of making the entrance to a home look its best is by tidying up the porch and sweeping away cobwebs, even giving the front door a quick clean if it hasn’t been cleaned in a while, as pollution and other outdoor grime can build up, taking the gleam off your front door and doorstep without you even realising.

Energy efficiency is very important to the modern householder as it means a warmer home that is cheaper to run. 

A typical property leaks £2,800 in energy over a decade and 18 per cent of this is energy lost through badly insulated windows. This is why upgrading to energy efficient windows is a great way to tick an important box for most buyers.

As well as bringing your potential buyers the prospect of draught-free winters and lower energy bills, investing in new uPVC double glazing for your home means bright, shiny windows that look clean and attractive for your guests and estate agents. 

And if you are showing people round in the cooler months, try and remember to make the most of your fireplace by having it lit while prospective buyers explore the property, that way they can feel at home and know they too might be able to benefit from the unmatched cosiness of a proper fire. 


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