Boost House Value By £10k Just By Decorating

Redecorating allows you to put your own stamp on your house, making it really feel like home. However, it is also a good investment, as giving each room an update can boost the value of the property by as much as £10,000.

According to Direct Line Home Insurance, redecorating alone can add £9,980 to its resale price, while bigger jobs will result in good profits as well, reported What Mortgage.

For instance, you could renovate the kitchen to increase the asking price of the property by £9,275; renovate the bathroom to add £7,532 to the value; or encourage buyers to spend £7,358 more on the house simply by renovating its original features.

Direct Line’s head of home insurance Jeremy Bristow stated: “Putting your own personal touch on a home can be fun and exciting.”

Those who are still looking for their dream house might even be tempted to search for a rundown property for a bargain, as this will save them considerably on the purchase price as well as give them an opportunity to design it the way they want.

“Fixer-uppers are still a good option for first-time buyers and there is still money to be made for those looking for a challenge by renovating a property,” Mr Bristow stated.

A feature that instantly transforms a room is a new fireplace from Norton Cannes, whether you choose a modern electronic heater, a cast iron wood burner, or a Victorian-styled fireplace.

According to the insurance provider, fixer-upper houses can be purchased for £40,000 below the market average, at a reduction of 17 per cent. Therefore, homebuyers who do get their hands on renovation projects will have plenty of spare cash to splash on out on luxury features such as these.

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