Best Home Renovations For Spring

As the weather is generally better, spring is the best time of year for home renovations, so here on our blog are some of the best home projects to tackle!

If you’re looking to carry out some home renovations this spring, then you might be interested in finding the best wood burners Staffordshire has to offer for your home. Spring is the best time of year for home renovations, as the weather is generally better, meaning your home won't freeze over when doors are open or heating is disconnected, while also not interfering with the summer holidays. Here are's best home projects during these months.

Spring is a great month to carry out extensions, as you’ll be able to withstand holes in walls and open doors with builders in and out as the weather will be slightly warmer. There will also be lighter longer days as we get closer to summer making it easier for builders to work outdoors. If your roof needs replacing then this is also a good time to carry out work.

If you need to replace your windows then spring is a great time to do it as there will be less rainfall. It’s also a great time to year to restyle your window dressings, loose heavier curtains which are great for winter and replace with lighter voiles in neutral colours to let light flood in. Also if any sealants need replacing on windows or in conservatories then spring will allow them to set and air dry correctly.

Your driveway is best repaired or replaced in spring, as the winter colder temperatures can cause cracks in driveway materials due to frost. With the warmer temperature it allows the correct climate for certain concretes to set correctly.

If you want to makeover your garden, spring is a great time to do so too. If you are relaying paths, creating flower beds or water features then the ground will be much softer making it a lot easier to work with. 


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