Aesthetic And Practical Reasons For Choosing A Gas Fireplace

If you like the romantic wood burning fireplace, then opting for a gas fire may be a perfect choice to mimic the appearance of a traditional fire stove.

Do you dream of snuggling by a fireside during cold and wet evenings, without having to deal with ash, soot, or even logs? If this is the case then opting for a gas fire may be a perfect choice. These types of fireplace mimic the

appearance of a traditional fire stove, heat up your home efficiently and require very little maintenance. Read on to find out more.

Gas fire manufacturers have created some truly unique and creative models that are both aesthetic and practical. The example from Mansion Global of a Manhattan apartment with "a 60-foot-long south-facing great room with 7-foot-6-inch casement-style windows, a gas fireplace, wet bar and solid oak flooring" demonstrate interior designers love for gas fires. As they create a strong statement to an interior space, and add that universal sense of home and comfort that fire brings out in people.

In regards to the burning element, most models are equipped with ceramic logs which perfectly mimic natural wood or coal. Depending on your interior design requirements, these inserts can take on the appearance of a long horizontal timber rack to create a real focal point for the room, have dual glass facades for integration into a wall partition, or can be installed at an angle to provide a directed heat source.

Beyond the time-saving aspect and easy maintenance of said fireplaces (with maintenance at the most required on an annual basis), a gas fireplace can produce almost instant heat to a space and be precisely controlled to determine a comfortable ambient temperature thanks to built-in thermostats. 

The units themselves can be installed easily in most homes, often being placed in old chimney spaces; however, specific new models do not require a flue and therefore can be placed in any room. To light your gas fireplace, just press or turn a button to adjust the heat and intensity of the flames in just a few clicks. From a safety perspective, the internal sensors immediately cut off the gas supply if it detects the slightest presence of smoke.

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