9 Fire Safety Tips For Your Fireplace

It's vital that you know what you are doing where fire safety is concerned, so here on our blog we have put together 9 safety tips for your fireplace!

When using fireplaces in Staffordshire or elsewhere, it’s vital that you know what you’re doing where fire safety is concerned so that you don’t put yourself and your family at risk.

Before you start making a fire, you should make sure that the damper or flue is open. This will draw any smoke out of your house until you put the fire out. Try to keep a window open while the fire is lit as well.  And always sweep out the remnants of previous fires before starting a new one.

To avoid having a really smoky house, don’t use green or wet wood. You’ll soon regret it if you do and you may find that you get a lot of soot building up inside the chimney as well. Keep a bucket of wood near the fire so it can dry out before use.

Another must is to ensure that there isn’t anything flammable near the fireplace itself, whether it’s a stack of old newspapers, books or even your curtains. By all means, put items on your mantlepiece but don’t have anything hanging down in front of the fire – even when you’re in the same room.

It might be wise to invest in a good solid fire screen if you have small children to stop them from getting to close to the flames. This will also help stop any burning embers from falling too far out of the fire.
Keep tongs nearby so that if any burning wood does slip and come out of the fireplace, you can quickly pick it up and chuck it back in.

If you’re really concerned, you can request a fire safety check with your local fire brigade.


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