4 Gifts To Give Your Fireplace This Christmas!

You need to treat your fireplace well if it’s to make it through winter, so on our blog are a few presents you could buy that might make all the difference.

Now that temperatures have plunged and the weather has taken a decidedly chilly turn, we know you’ve all started making excellent use of your fireplaces in Staffordshire to help stay warm and cosy at the moment. But you need to treat your fireplace well if it’s to make it through to spring – so here are a few Christmas presents you could buy that might make all the difference.

Cedar firestarters
These burn for longer than other fire starters and are easy to light, so even if you’re not great at starting fires you’ll have success  with these. There’s no odour, dangerous flare ups or residue leftover either, so you don’t have to worry on that front.

Iron toasting fork
Fun for all the family! This traditional cast iron toasting fork comes with a circular top so you can hang it up when not in use and a leather tab that you can personalise with a little message as well. Perfect!

Athelburgh Abbey wrought iron fire screen
This fire screen is done in a stunning gothic style, made out of wrought iron and without a mesh insert – so it’s perfect to use with both gas and electric fires as well. Heat can easily pass through the guard to circulate around the room. There are also six glass candle holders to really help your fireplace make a big impact.

Antique French coal bucket
You need somewhere to put all that dirty coal and this iron coal bucket would be a great choice. It comes with strong carry handles so you know you won’t drop anything and will look lovely shining next to the fire this winter.


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