11 Winter Fire Safety Tips For 2018

The winter weather is creeping upon us so, if you haven't already, it will soon be time to get those home fires burning, Here are some safety tips to remember.

Now that the heatwave has gone (hopefully to return next year, fingers crossed) and winter is very firmly on the way, you need to make sure you prioritise health and safety over the next few weeks and months where fire is concerned. This is especially true for all of you out there with wood burners in your Staffordshire homesburners in your Staffordshire homes.

Of course, you want to have the home fires burning as long as you can over the winter months. You want your house to be lovely and snug, and it can also prove to be both more efficient and cheaper if you use log burners to heat your home rather than costly central heating.

But as nice and comforting as it is to have these fires burning, you need to be very familiar with fire safety so you can ensure your burner doesn’t pose a risk to you and your family.

Official government figures show that there are 7,700 chimney fires each and every year in England on average so as you can see, you can never be too careful.

If you have an open fire, take care and always use a fire guard so you can protect your carpeting and other flooring from flying sparks from hot embers. When closing up the house at night, ensure that these embers are under control and properly put out. You also need to ensure that your chimneys and flues are clean and well maintained, a job you should sort out
before the cold weather really bites.

Those of you lucky enough to have thatched buildings need to make sure that there’s a smoke alarm fitted in the loft, ensuring that it’s connected to all other alarms in the house.

Speaking of smoke alarms, you’d certainly be wise to test these out once a year at least so you know the batteries are fresh and will help you make it through the winter in one piece. Always put these alarms in the kitchen, laundry room and bedrooms to be on the safe side.

If you have small children in the house, never leave them unsupervised in a room where a fire is burning. But you should also make sure that they are very well aware of the dangers that fires can pose. Always keep matches and other lighting devices well out of reach so you know they can’t run into any trouble in that regard.

As for the fire itself, never keep anything flammable in very close proximity as it’s possible that it could catch alight if the fire gets too hot. And you should make sure that there’s a fire extinguisher in the room that has the fire in it so you can act accordingly in the event of an emergency.

If there is a fire, do not attempt to put it out yourself. Get everyone out of the house immediately and call the fire service.


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